Guidance for adoptive parents

Have the last few years been filled with disappointment, uncertainty and frustration?

From the moment you reach out to our center, you will feel the difference.  Our center is based on optimism, energy, hope and honesty!

We understand adoption and the ups and downs it can bring.   We believe that everyone can be adoptive parents and we know that our center supports each part of the adoption triad.    Contemporary adoption is based on truth and respect for everyone involved. Your journey to parenthood may have its ups and downs, but we believe you CAN become parents through adoption. Whether you live in an urban area or one of Indiana’s smaller communities, we are here to navigate the process.

Expectant mothers contact ASC daily and are looking for stable, loving homes for their children.  But they need and deserve honesty and transparency.  Expectant moms are looking for your expectations of them as well.   Today’s adoptions are based on relationships—the relationships between parents and children, adoptive parents and birth parents. Creating relationships takes communication, compassion, and willing hearts. Sometimes managing the expectations of everyone involved can take some guidance. If you believe you need support in this creative process, you have landed at the right spot!

This could be your time. This could be the start of your family. Our hope for you is that you feel a sense of trust and comfort with the adoption professional you choose. Do you have questions? We hope to have answers for you. To learn more about our services for adoptive parents, visit Where Do We Start?

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