Frequently Asked Questions

  • Adoption Support Center Program (ASCP)
  • Personal Match Program (PMP)


How many families do you have active at any given time?

ASC Gold – ASC Gold families can expect to be part of a select group of families hoping to adopt. There are typically between 25 and 35 families enrolled in this program. Our hope is to give expectant moms a great variety and a sample of families. Our goal is to find the match that gives her confidence in adoption. 

ASC Blue – The hallmark of ASC Blue is your control over your own efforts. ASC does not actively market you to expectant moms. 

How long is the wait with ASC?

ASC Gold – The goal of ASC Gold is for you to be able to become parents within one year. Historically our average is between nine and ten months. This is not a guarantee as an average is simply that—an average. Factors such as age of adopting parents, openness to a variety of situations with expectant moms, and whether or not there are already children in the home can and do impact that average. 

ASC Blue – Your efforts, networking ability, and flexibility will determine your wait time. 

What does an ASC adoption cost?

ASC Gold – The costs for an ASC Gold adoption range between $17,000 to $29,000 (after the Federal Tax Credit). This includes all fees for services paid to ASC, as well as legal and medical costs. 

ASC Blue – The costs for an ASC Blue adoption range between $3,400 to $14,000 (after the Federal Tax Credit). Your budget will be determined by your own marketing efforts. 

Do we have to prove our infertility?

Families choose adoption for many reasons. Many families come to us because of infertility. Others come to us as they feel a sense of calling or higher purpose. Regardless of your reason, we only ask that you are honest about what brings you to adoption. 

What happens if we get pregnant while waiting for an adoption?

A pregnancy will not automatically disqualify you from becoming adoptive parents. It will affect the timing of your adoption, however. ASC prohibits “artificial twinning”, which is the placement of a child into home with less than a nine-month age span between them. This is a carefully considered policy that is designed for the benefit of children and their identity formation. Please speak with an ASC staff member if this becomes your situation.

Must we work with you exclusively?

ASC Gold – Our commitment to you and our expectant moms is the highlight of this program. We are working in partnership with you to build your family through adoption. We ask for that same level of commitment to us in return. Should you happen to find an expectant mother through another source, we would ask you to switch to either ASC Blue program or ASC home study only program. This will benefit you as well, as your costs will be lessened.

ASC Blue – ASC Blue-Your budget and comfort level in creating relationships will determine which services you use from what resource. ASC is not actively promoting or representing you.

Do you only place infants?

ASC Gold – Infant adoption is our strength! The vast majority of our placements are newborn infants. From time to time, we will place a child older than 12 months. We welcome families who are willing to embrace toddlers as well.

ASC Blue – Your willingness and openness toward each potential adoption will determine the age of the child you adopt.

May I choose the gender of the child I adopt?

ASC Gold – Your relationship with your expectant mother will be based on compassion and trust. As she has no control over gender, and ultrasound results can be inclusive or incorrect, gender selection on the part of the adoptive parent is not allowed in ASC Gold.

ASC Blue – If your expectant mom agrees, you may limit your gender choice with her specifically.

May I choose the race of the child I will adopt?

ASC Gold – We encourage all our ASC Gold families to speak honestly with us about issues related to race. At its core, adoption is meant to benefit the child. We recognize that not every family is equipped to parent a child of a different race or culture. The decision to adopt transracially is made between our families, home study team, and expectant moms. Additional education is a part of every transracial home study completed by ASC.

ASC Blue – We encourage you to talk openly about racial issues during the home study process. Ultimately, you are in control of your adoption and the type of child you parent.

Will I get to meet the expectant mom?

ASC Gold – We hope that both adoptive families and expectant moms have confidence in their relationship. Because of this, more than 90% of our expectant moms do meet during pregnancy and start forming a relationship before the birth of the baby. ASC is there to help you build this relationship with the hope that it will continue after placement.

ASC Blue – The relationship that is built between the adoptive family and the expectant mom is within your control. ASC will help support the expectations on both sides. We will honor your choices in this regard after the placement.

Do you work with single parents who want to adopt?

ASC Gold – Absolutely! ASC has a long history of successful adoption with single parents. We do encourage you to have a support person with you at key points in the home study and waiting time. 

ASC Blue – Of course! Your relationship with your expectant mom is in your control. We do encourage you to have a support person with you at key points in the home study process

What type of sharing is typical after placement? Does the birth mom usually request updates and visits?

ASC Gold – Women do not forget the children they place for adoption. Most expectant moms make their decision to place a child with the hope that she will know how her child is doing as they grow up. It is important to validate and respect her requests for contact. Most families find that the post-placement relationship includes everything from texting photos and updates to video chats, to visits. ASC is there to help guide you and manage expectations on both sides.

ASC Blue – Post placement contact is based on the agreement made between expectant moms and adoptive parents. We will honor what you both decide.

How do we afford to adopt?

The Federal Tax Credit is $13,570. Ask your tax professional for details and check out the Financing page of our web site. We offer MasterCard, Visa and Discover. You can absolutely set up an adoption loan with affordable monthly payments through several resources.

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