Options for Adoption

Our services and programs make the possibility of adoption available to every interested family. Many of our families find us through the recommendations of friends. Others find us after researching all the other available options. Both are looking for answers and comfort. We hope to be that place for you! 

The ASC philosophy is that healthy adoptions are based on relationships. In turn, relationships are based on trust. There must be trust between everyone involved in the adoption process—hopeful parents, expectant and birth parents, and adoption professionals. We believe that by checking out our three programs, you will find one that suits your family and your needs. Our modern, contemporary programs allow families choices in how they build their family and form trusting relationships in the process. Read on to learn about our three programs at ASC: Gold, Blue, and HSO-home study only.

ASC Gold– From start to finish, this our center’s full-service program. This option offers a great deal of support, guidance, and coaching throughout the adoption process. Our ASC staff offers more than 100 years of combined experience in the field. Three staff members have been with ASC for more than 20 years. Amanda Hammond, agency co-owner, has walked with over 2,000 women considering adoption. She has passed the torch on to Alli and Leah, two of the best adoption coordinators around. Your expectant mom will work with one of these two ladies as she is supported through the many decisions surrounding adoption. Your expectant mom’s coordinator will help you through your meetings and pre-adoption questions. 

During your waiting time, ASC gold families have the support of the Center’s executive and clinical director, as well as other staff. Your adoption education does not end with the home study. Monthly education opportunities, emails and other check ins help keep you fresh and connected. When you are being considered by an expectant mom, a pre-placement/hospital planning conference is scheduled for you to have questions answered and gain an understanding of what to expect during the time that so many families find both exciting and anxiety producing. Your coordinator helps everyone understand their roles and expectations. The ASC staff also helps you build your relationship with your child’s birth family after the placement. 

With the ASC Gold Program, there is no need for you to market yourselves. You are marketed by ASC, taking advantage of our network of medical professionals, social media platforms, and solid reputation. With your input and cooperation, your color profile is created and sent out by the Center. We take every text, chat inquiry, call, and social media message for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not use an answering service. 

This program is well-suited for the family that doesn’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to market themselves. It is also well-suited for the family that wants support and guidance from empathetic and caring professionals for themselves and their child’s birth family. 

The ASC Gold program is also great for the family who ranks speed as a priority. In the more than 30 years of creating families, the Center’s placement time average has consistently stayed between nine and ten months. The goal of this program is for every family within the program to have a placement within one year of activation. 

Highlights from this program include: 

• You can select your preferences on race, age of child, and health of child that best suits your family. 

• You receive the support and guidance of our exceptional staff throughout the process. 

• Your expectant mom is treated with compassion and respect, receiving emotional support before and after the adoption. 

• To get started with ASC Gold, you must attend the informational seminar and have your home study completed by ASC staff. 

ASC Blue-This option is for the adoptive family that believes they have the resources and knowledge to locate an expectant mom. However, once the expectant mom lead is secured the family desires ASC’s support and coaching for their expectant mom and the process till placement. This still gives the comfort, insulation and support of a licensed agency. 

Families choose ASC Blue because: 

• They want to have the support of a coordinator when they meet the expectant mom. 

• They feel more comfortable and insulated having a coordinator to set up the budget and living expense plan for their expectant mom lead. 

• They want the expectations laid out clearly for their role at the hospital and to have the birth family be supported during that time. 

• They want the coordinator to help set up the post placement relationship and expectations. 

• They have a smaller budget for their adoption. 

• They want their child’s birth family to have support/guidance and knowledge of adoption law before they make an adoption plan. 

• They may have specific preferences for their child (such as gender selection) or expectant mother. 

*Within ASC Blue-You can also choose to sign on with some national marketing sites that could generate more traffic to your social media pages. When you have interest from a lead, the call can come to ASC to screen and help you connect with her. You would still have all the support and guidance ASC Blue offers. 

ASC Home Study Only– Similar to ASC Blue, our ASC Home Study Option is the complete “do it yourself” option. We provide you with the home study, while you secure your expectant mom leads, develop your own relationship, and bring your baby home. This is an excellent option for families with a limited budget and are confident in their ability to navigate the uncertainties of adoption. 

Things to remember with ASC Home Study Only include: 

• There are no services or promotion from ASC in this program. 

• There is no support or guidance from ASC. 

• You can bypass our information seminar and get started on your adoption today! 

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