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Where Do We Start?

What is most important to you in this process? Are you looking for support and guidance? Are you on a budget? What about the timing and speed of your placement? Or is the entire process so overwhelming you aren’t certain where to start?

Rank the following elements of your potential adoption from 1 to 5 with 1 as the most important aspect of your adoption journey. While 5 may also be important to you, it just does not carry the same weight as the others.


_____Support and Guidance

_____Speed of Placement

_____Adopting Locally—Indiana is Your Home!

_____Budget and Costs

_____Control of My Adoption including speed, cost, and openness


If you rank Support and Guidance as #1 you would benefit from ASC being alongside you. You would start the process by downloading the seminar intake form and sending it via email to info@asc.exactitconsulting.com or feel free to fax it to us at 317-253-8838. You can also mail the form to ASC at 6331 Carrollton Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220. 

If you rank Control as number 1, you could skip the seminar and get started on your home study.  You are a great candidate to do a DIY adoption.  ASC gets your paperwork ready and legal for an Indiana adoption. You find your expectant mom through your own social networking and contacts of your large family and friendship circles.  ASC comes alongside of you for support and guidance along your journey.

If you didn’t rank support and guidance or control as #1, you will find our seminar a good place for you to start.  This is a safe place where you can ask your questions, find out what the industry standards are, and see where you most fit.

At our Informational Seminar you will discover all the support and guidance that our adoption agency provides for all parties of the adoption. You will learn about our programs and what expectant moms are looking for today. You will also feel our support and our knowledge of over 30 years of building families through Indiana adoptions. Our guiding philosophy at The Adoption Support Center is, “You will get the child you were meant to raise.” We can’t wait to meet you!


Our staff is very capable and passionate, our programs are creative and successful. Indiana hospitals describe our expectant moms as well-informed and confident in their decision for adoption. And it’s not uncommon for our adoptive families to return two and three times to grow their families. We appreciate that sign of confidence and value their trust.

To learn more about our agency’s programs, visit our Options for Adoption  and FAQ for Adoptive Parents.

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