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Frequently Asked Questions

Women consider adoption for many different reasons, but it comes down to a belief that she does not believe she is ready or able to provide in a way that she feels is best for the child. Some hope to finish their goals of education. Some may want a two-parent home, or some simply would prefer to have the control of where the child is placed over an experience with DCS.

Adoption is not an easy choice, and it’s important for you to have emotional support as you make that decision. But legally, you are not obligated to tell the father of the baby if you are not married to him, your parents, or anyone else. Your adoption decision can be completely confidential.

Placing your baby for adoption is your decision, no matter how old you are. Your parents, foster parents, or guardians have no legal right to your child. There are no grandparent rights for newborns in the State of Indiana.

Adoption is a life-changing decision, and one that you should make after you have talked it over with those who are closest to you. After you have consulted with those who are closest to you, it makes sense to talk with professionals that understand the ins and outs of the process. A lawyer can help you review the documents that are filed with the court. An adoption coordinator or advocate can help you find the right family as well as navigate what happens after the baby is born. An adoption counselor can help you through the feelings related to the adoption.

Everyone makes decisions in their own time and in their own way. Some women find it helpful to make a decision and stick to it. Others find it more helpful to use their entire pregnancy to decide what will be best. You can’t decide with absolute certainty until after the baby is born. Some women continue with their plan to place their child; others choose to parent. It’s even possible to call from the hospital right after delivery and sort through these decisions.

Modern adoptions can be very simple or very complex. Some women need financial assistance during their pregnancy. Some women want to be a part of naming their baby with the adoptive family. Some women worry about what their child will think of them in the future. All of these things are important. Working with an ASC coordinator will help you work through these and any other questions you might have.

The Adoption Support Center (ASC) is a safe, friendly place where expectant moms can open up about what is weighing on them. No matter where you are in your pregnancy or if you have already delivered, we are always available for a friendly conversation about your options. There are no judgments.

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