adoptive couples - where do we start?
At our Information Seminar, you will discover all your options and choices. What journey will you choose as you form your family? Will you choose domestic adoption or one of the many international options? Do you want to adopt an infant or toddler? Is there a particular race or gender that suits your family best?
You will have a lot of choices and control with the adoption process.
Our guiding philosophy at the Adoption Support Center is “You will get the child you are meant to raise.” Whether it is connecting you with a respected international adoption agency or the birth mother of your dreams, we can help you finally create your family.
Our staff is very capable and caring, our programs are creative and successful. Hospitals describe our birth mothers as well-informed and confident, while our adoptive parents return two and three times to repeat a storybook adoption with us.
To learn more about our agency services, visit our Options for Adoption and FAQ for Adoptive Couples pages.
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