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Adoption Support Center

A licensed child placement agency in Indiana
In our almost 40 years in business, ASC has seen a lot of changes in the adoption world — and we’ve even been the driving force behind some of them! Modern adoptions have become more ethical, more focused on what’s best for the adopted child, and more supportive of expectant and birth moms.

When you choose ASC, you’ll know what it’s like to work with a modern, ethical adoption agency. You’ll get transparency, honesty and someone to return your calls, texts and emails ASAP. “Support” isn’t just in our name — it’s our promise to you!

Whether you need education, counseling or just a friendly conversation, we have a heart for you and your story. We’re excited to be part of your adoption journey!
Our goal is to have an adoptive placement within 12 months of activating your family. Our average placement time goes up and down, depending on a lot of different factors. During your wait time you can expect clear and honest communication, transparency, and full support as you navigate the adoption journey to placement and beyond.

Getting started with ASC

Your very first step in learning about adoption is to fill out a brief contact form. ASC will respond with some FAQs and an invitation for step 2.

A no-commitment adoption consultation

It is our philosophy that adoption is delicate and must be done with all sides of the triad represented and supported for the long journey ahead.

This is where we can share our philosophy and experience in the adoption industry. Referrals are given, and it is for the family that is tipping their toe in adoption and for the family ready yesterday to add to their family. No questions are wrong or bad, and the goal is for you to walk away knowing more about modern and ethical adoption practices.

Adoption Education: Part 1

This educational seminar is an intimate group of your peers who are also looking into growing their family through adoption. It’s approximately 3 hours long. Your questions and what ifs are welcome. We will share lots of education, stats and stories, along with general adoption law and agency policies.

The seminar is your glimpse into adoption with ASC. If you feel that ASC is a good fit for you to grow your family, then we’re thrilled to be by your side for the exciting journey that’s ahead!

Getting registered

Once you’ve completed your New Parent Registration Paperwork, you will be invited to attend Adoption Education: Part 2.

Adoption Education: Part 2

You’ll learn more about the adoption process from our team and have a chance to have open discussions with your peers. We’ll educate you on modern adoption, cultural diversity and what to expect from the process moving forward. Expect to have some homework leading up to the class and be given more as you move along in the process. Don’t worry, we will be right beside you the entire way!

If you’re interested in adopting a child of another race than you, you’ll also have some additional readings and activities. ASC has partnered with one of the best educators in the US and internationally known Angela Tucker – Author, Filmmaker, Mentor, Podcast host, Amplifying transracial adoptee experiences. Angela will be joining in on the discussion and giving the class insight on the needs of transracial adoptees.
Family profile book creation
After attending Adoption Education: Part 2, it’s time to put together your Family Profile Book that will be used to introduce your family to expectant mothers. We will send you instructions on creating your profile book with our partner, Little Ampersand Co.

The process takes about 4-6 weeks, and Little Ampersand Co. will walk you through every step. We require that you schedule a lifestyle photo session in your home. We will provide a photo guide with profile instructions so you know what to ask your photographer for.

Adoption Education: Part 3

With Adoption Education: Part 2 under your belt, you will receive additional adoption education material to complete independently. This will include, but is not limited to: a book, a Netflix series and a virtual meeting with an adult adoptee educator. Once completed, you’ll move on to step 7.

Private coaching and support

Whew, at this point we have lots to process and no better place to do this than over a cup of coffee at ASC. This meeting with one of our team members lasts about an hour and a half. This is your opportunity to ask questions, share concerns and further build your confidence as a future adoptive parent.

The home study

The final step prior to becoming active is to complete your home study with ASC. We are licensed by the state of Indiana to perform home studies.

We have a long list of what we need to document during your home study. Please be patient with us here and know that we’re using this time to get to know you as best we can.

Prepare for the social worker to be in your home for 2-3 hours. This is our time to get to know you in your environment and community. We will be looking for a clean home, adequate space and appropriate knowledge on child development and adoption awareness.

If you’re looking to be approved to adopt a child outside of your race, there will be more discussion on racial mirrors you can offer a transracial adoptee.

You’ll get an email from a home study case worker to set up a home visit. Your visit will be scheduled with a social worker who’s knowledgeable on modern and ethical adoption.

You’re active!

Before we set your family to “active” status, you should get all your ducks in a row.

Although you might still be waiting for months to welcome a baby home, make sure your finances would be ready to support a child tomorrow. You’ll also want to make sure you’re clear for maternity/paternity leave at work and have daycare options ready to go.

Your family profile will go active on our featured families page, and ASC will start marketing you. Now it’s time for you to sit back and wait. You should continue educating yourself using ASC’s Read, Listen and Follow.

Meeting an expectant mom

8-12 weeks until her due date

When you’re active, your profile may be viewed by expectant moms who match your preferences. It’s only once an expectant mom expresses that she’s seriously considering your family to adopt her baby that we’ll reach out to you.

If the expectant mom would like to meet you, we’ll arrange a meeting that’s convenient for her. Your adoption coordinator will be there to make the introduction and to help the conversation flow. This is a delicate time, and we’ve found that having a mediator to support both parties is crucial in this first step.

After your meeting

After this meeting, ASC will check in with both parties to make sure they’re on the same page. If they are, your adoption coordinator will send a pregnancy plan to you both, sharing your contact information along with tips on maintaining the relationship.

As this relationship develops, this could look like monthly visits with her until she delivers, or not. ASC will continue to support her as she considers adoption as well as explore her other options. And you’ll have additional support from your coordinator and the ASC clinical staff to answer your questions and address your concerns along the way.

Some prospective families have one match and then a placement. Others may be chosen many times before finding the child they were meant to raise. ASC will continue to support you until placement, and beyond.

Making a hospital plan

4-6 weeks until her due date

The expectant mom will share her wishes for her hospital visit with ASC’s coordinator. She may or may not want you to be present during her delivery, and she may or may not want to meet you after the birth. She may also choose or choose not to see her baby before leaving the hospital. There’s no right or wrong scenario.

You’ll get an electronic version of the hospital plan, and a call from ASC’s clinical team to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your role for the hospital stay. We’ll talk about what the first few weeks will look like if you bring the baby home — and how your support group can show up for you in case the expectant mom chooses to parent her child.

This is also when we’ll discuss the naming of the baby. At this point you’ve likely talked with the expectant mom about this topic, and she may or may not want to have a hand in naming the child. Either way, we encourage you to honor her or her family in some way — whether it’s letting her choose a name from a list you create, or using a family name of hers as the child’s middle name, for example.

Once this hospital plan and plan for naming the child are in place, all that’s left to do is wait until the due date.


You’ve gotten the call that the expectant mom has gone into labor, and you probably have a million thoughts racing through your head. This is an emotional day for everyone involved, so it’s a good idea to revisit the hospital plan we laid out ahead of time.

Flexibility is key! Regardless of what happens during the hospital stay, we encourage you to honor the expectant mom’s wishes. Even if the adoption happens outside of “business hours” ASC is right alongside to support both parties. We’ll make the necessary arrangements with attorneys and social workers, so you can focus on the expectant mom.

Remember, this is the expectant mom’s time for visitors. Some women want this day to be a celebration, others prefer for it to be more intimate. Either way, she’ll be surrounded by her support group at the hospital, and yours will be waiting for you at home.

If the expectant mom chooses adoption for her child and the medical staff has given the okay to discharge, you can strap your baby into their car seat and bring them home.


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