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Pregnant? Parenting is an option.

Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, choosing to carry a pregnancy and parent a child takes courage, stamina and lots of patience.

Parenting today is very different than it was for our parents — but different doesn’t mean bad. Families today can look very different from one another. Many women choose to parent alone, and some take on a co-parenting role with their child’s father. Others rely heavily on their parents or family members to pick up some of the duties.

Many successful children have been — and will continue to be — raised by non-traditional families. ASC is here to help you understand the challenges you’ll face as a parent, and where you can turn for help.
“There’s nothing single about a single mom. She has to have four arms, four legs, four eyes and two hearts.”
— Mandy, single mom

The challenges of being a parent.

If you’re already raising children, you know that having a baby changes everything. Here’s a quick list of things to consider.
  • Finding balance. Are you already parenting with little or no support? Are you working or continuing your education? There are only so many hours in the day, and a baby demands a lot of time.
  • Being Supermom. Are you ready to be a mother, possibly again, 24/7? When you’re having an off day or need some down time, it can be hard unless you have a support group to lean on when things get tough.
  • Budgeting for baby. Can your paycheck support a new addition to your family? Money can get tight when you have a baby — and possibly other children’s needs — to support on a limited or single parent income.
  • Living with trauma. Are you experiencing homelessness, poverty, or violence at home? Trauma doesn’t mean you can’t be a great mom. But trauma takes up a lot of emotional space that leaves little room for more responsibilities.
It takes a lot to carry those burdens on your shoulders alone. That’s why it’s so important to build your support system.
Find Support

Building your support system as a parent.

It’s been estimated that 80% of single parents are women. If you’re a single mom, that means you’re part of a big team! In-person and virtual support groups give you an opportunity to bond and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

The more help you have from others, the stronger and better a parent you’ll be — and the sooner you start building a support network the better! Here are some of the places you can turn to build yours:
The Villages
The Villages is a child and family service agency in Indianapolis. Their Healthy Families program offers support, education and encouragement so you can give your baby a healthy childhood. Visit the site.
Embrace Grace
Embrace Grace is a church-based support network with locations all over Indiana. You’ll meet with a small group of women for 12 weeks to share stories, make new friends and learn from others who have walked in your shoes. They’ll even throw you a baby shower at the end of the program. You can find a support group by entering your ZIP code right here.
Facebook group
Facebook groups are a great place to get advice from other parents. This group is recommended by women we’ve worked with:


Government assistance for single moms.

It’s estimated that more than 40% of single moms lean on government assistance to raise their kids. Here are some of the financial assistance programs that can help you afford healthcare, food, child care and education for both you and your baby.

Healthcare and Nutrition

Women, Infants and Children Grant (WIC)
WIC helps pregnant women and single moms get access to food and basic healthcare services. To see if you qualify, you can call 1-800-522-0874
Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)
HIP is an affordable health insurance plan for low-income women over the age of 19. It may also cover vision and dental. To see if you qualify, you can call 1-877-438-4479
Hoosier Healthwise
This program covers the costs of doctor visits, medicine, hospital bills and more at little or no cost to pregnant women and their children. To see if you qualify, you can call 1-800-889-9949

Child Care and Education

Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF)
CCDF is a federal program that can help you get child care so you can work, attend training or continue your education. Visit the site.
Build, Learn, Grow Scholarship Fund
If you qualify for CCDF, then Build, Learn, Grow might be able to cover up to 80% of your child’s early care and education up to age 12. Visit the site.
Head Start and Early Head Start
These programs focus on developmental growth from birth to age 5, to get your child ready to attend school one day. Visit the site.

Financial Assistance

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
If you need cash for living expenses, TANF can help until your child reaches age 18. Visit the site.
Child Support Enforcement Program (CSE)
CSE is a state-run program that can help you get child support from your baby’s father. Visit the site.

Not sure if this is the right choice for you? Learn about your other options when you’re pregnant.

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