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About ASC

Located in Indianapolis, the Adoption Support Center proudly serves expectant mothers and adoptive parents across the state of Indiana. We believe the word “support” in our name is truly the most important word.  We are a safe, friendly place where you can get support and advice for your unexpected pregnancy.  We pride ourselves on looking at adoption in a modern way. We have learned from past mistakes the adoption industry has made and sometimes continues to make.

ASC is staffed with women who have a heart for people and the stories of people.  No matter what you have gone through, or how terrified you are right now, we are here to sit down and listen without judgment. Whether you have just found out you are pregnant and have months to prepare, or if you are very close to delivering, we are ready for that conversation. It is never too late to have a phone or text conversation about your options for adoption.    

What should you expect if you start looking at adoption as an option for you and your baby? There is a lot of information out there. The Internet is full of adoption stories—both good and bad. Friends and family are likely to share their opinions with you, whether you have asked for those opinions or not. They may even have suggestions of people with whom you should place your baby. We believe that if you choose to place your baby with an adoptive family, you feel safe and respected throughout the placement process. We also believe that you are assured the family with whom you place your baby is screened and prepared for adoption. You will read a lot on the Internet and even get unsolicited advice from your friends and family on whom you should place your baby with. The most important thing to know is that you, the expectant mother, needs to be assured that your baby is going to a family that has been screened and prepared for adoption. Second, it is equally important is that you are safe and respected through your child’s adoption.    

The process of adoption has changed over the years. We have been a part of the adoption world for more than 30 years. In that 30 years, we have been a part of the push to open adoptions. Where we once encouraged adoptive families to send an update letter and school photo every year to the birth mother, we now encourage adoptive families to build relationships with expectant and birth families. These relationships include pictures and updates—and so much more. These relationships include visits. They include sharing the joys of life and sharing the hard stuff of life too. Why do we encourage these relationships? Because children placed for adoption deserve to know all the parts of their story. They deserve to know where they come from. They deserve to feel comfortable asking questions and getting answers.  

If all of this sounds as if adoption is a life time experience… it is! Adoptees are shaped by the people who create them and the people who raise them. The staff of ASC is ready to support birth parents, adoptive parents, and especially adoptees.  

What happens to you after you place your baby? In the past, women were told to forget they had a baby. They were told to forget they placed a baby. Women were told time would heal their grief. We know better. We want better for you. We want you to know that you are needed. You are respected. You are honored here! The staff at Adoption Support Center has seen adoption change from sharing letters and photos through the support center, to keep names and addresses from being shared to families sharing holidays and special celebrations together.  Sometimes these stories are so moving and done out of the love everyone has for this child.  We don’t sugarcoat open adoption, it’s not all perfect, but that’s perfectly okay! Open adoption doesn’t have to mean, “getting together for visits.”  Modern open adoption is a mindset.  It is the relationship and open dialogue adoptive parents have with their child.  The goal is that the child knows their story and is comfortable asking questions and talking openly about where he or she came from.  This is why it takes a staff with experience and knowledge of adoption to come along side everyone for the entire adoption. Not just until birth. We at ASC will continue to be the voice for birth mothers everywhere. It will not be better if you just go away and pretend. You are needed, respected and honored here!   

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