Compassionate Advocates

Julie Craft

Founder, President and Administrative Director

In spite of years of miscarriage and infertility, Julie gave birth to a daughter, Lindsey. She adopted a second daughter, Lauren, through a private adoption and then co-founded the Adoption Support Center two years later, in 1986. The Center is based on all the things Julie wished she had had in her experience with Cayman’s mommy. She wished she could have helped her birth mom in labor and delivery, shared pictures and letters over the years, and known Lauren’s medical history as she grew up. With Julie’s help, Lauren was reunited with her birth mom a few years before Phyllis passed away in 2003, then Lauren followed in 2004. Julie was always grateful she gave Lauren the gift of reunification and that she had the chance to thank her birth mom for the privilege of raising her daughter.

Today, Julie hopes to help adoptive families put themselves in a expectant mom’s shoes and feel the power of the decision she is considering. She also wants birth moms to put themselves in the scared family’s shoes, and understand how hard it is to give their hearts to a expectant mom with the hopes she will choose them as parents for her baby. She wants the “Golden Rule” of adoption. Honesty, compassion, comfort, and excitement. The true meaning of adoption at ASC.

Julie is married, having raised two daughters – Lindsey who is a Pediatric Registered Nurse, and Lauren, who passed away in 2004. She is happily raising Lauren’s son, Cayman, and spoiling her granddaughter, Samantha.

Visit Remembering Lauren to read the memorial to her daughter.

Amanda HammondAmanda Hammond


Amanda came to us fresh from college in 1998 with a passion for adoption. It wasn’t long before Julie knew she would be a lifelong face here. After Julie lost her daughter it was important to her that ASC families knew their dreams would not end with Julie’s retirement. In 2006. Amanda became co-owner and will continue the legacy of Lauren’s life and Julie’s dream of creating an environment of successful adoption stories. Amanda has walked beside hundreds of women considering adoption. She is passionate about advocating for these women and the children that are placed for adoption. Amanda is married and she and her husband raise their blended family of five children. She can usually be found by the coffee pot and always has an example of an adoption that she has coordinated to offer support and guidance to the team.

Diane StilesDiane Stiles

Executive & Clinical Director

Diane was with ASC as a birth mom coordinator and home study provider for ten years before moving into school-based counseling services.  She returned to ASC in 2009 as Clinical Director, providing domestic home studies. She is the adoptive parent of two girls, adopted as siblings in 1995. In addition, Diane is providing “Kid Counseling” at the center, providing individual therapy, family therapy, play therapy, bonding and attachment therapy, adoption-related therapy and behavioral therapy. She also provides counseling for birth mothers post-placement.

Diane is an L.C.S.W. and very highly qualified.

Alli Mohler, Kelsey Vander Vliet, and Leah Roller

Adoption Coordinators

Alli, Kelsey, and Leah are involved immediately. We think they are three of the best coordinators in adoption! They are available to their expectant moms for support. They always come to the women wherever they are, they work around their schedule and include the family and friends that give them support. As problem solvers, they look at their expectant moms’ lives and set budgets, advise them on their birth fathers, and more. They know that helping them choose the perfect match in a family is everything. It gives expectant moms comfort and confidence in their adoption plan, knowing they have a family who will talk of them with love and keep their promises.

Alli provides supervision and support for our adoption coordinators. Alli is an MSW and comes to ASC with a background working with young women and their families during pregnancy and after. She has provided services through both school-based and home-based programs. Alli is passionate about providing support for women and families specifically in the area of adoption.


Kelsey Vander VlietKelsey comes to ASC with a passion for adoption. Using her personal experiences as a birth mother and her knowledge of adoption law, she has endeavored to make an impact on the world of adoption by supporting birth mothers through her writings (, through support groups, and lobbying for positive adoption laws in Indiana. In addition to coordinating, Kelsey is responsible for ASC’s outreach, education, and marketing efforts across the state.


Leah comes to ASC  with a degree in Social Work. She has a passion for adoption that stems from her personal experiences and is excited to be able to support those going through the adoption process. She has been so inspired by the strength of the birth moms she has met and by the endless love and care of our adoptive families. She is thrilled to be a part of the ASC team.

Kathryn MarshKathryn Marsh

Adoption Assistant and Phone Duty Support

Who do you get when you call our Center? Whether you are a scared birth mom or a nervous adoptive family, night or day, you’ll get Kathryn. A friendly, helpful and enthusiastic girl. She can relate. No intimidation here…just a gal who will give you all the time in the world. Ask your questions, tell your story, let her help. Expectant moms can call anytime, because this wonderful young woman will answer the phones 24 hours a day. Kathryn is a problem solver. No emergency is too big or too small. Calling from the hospital? Emergency delivery at home? Homeless in the cold? She is authorized to take action, then bring a coordinator up to speed, if necessary.

Kathryn has five children- two boys and three girls. Her children have been a daily fixture at the agency with seven “aunts” enjoying them throughout the day. Kathryn joined the Center in 2007 and assists adoptive parents in maintaining their home study documentation. She also processes correspondence between adoptive parents and birth parents, helping families continue the relationship they started during the adoption process.

Presley Gruwell

Adoption Assistant

Presley was introduced to ASC in 2012 while in college and working as a nanny for Julies grandson, Cayman. She loved our agency so much, she decided to join the staff at the beginning of 2018. Presley is the mother of an infant daughter Emerson. On occasion, you may see little Emmie in the office, too! Presley is responsible for preparing our adoption information packets for professionals working with expectant moms, assisting with infant Medicaid applications, filing home study documentation, performing step-parent background checks, and in general keeping us all organized and functioning.

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