We are still open and offering all adoption services. We are answering questions and supporting our clients, all while staying safe. Whether you are expecting a baby or looking to grow your family, contact us today to talk with an adoption specialist about your specific needs: (317)-255-5916.

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Located in Indianapolis, the Adoption Support Center has been proudly serving expectant mothers and adoptive parents across the state of Indiana for over three decades. We believe the word “support” in our name is truly the most important word. We are a safe, friendly place where you can get support and advice for your unexpected pregnancy. We pride ourselves on looking at adoption in a modern way and have learned from past mistakes the adoption industry has made and sometimes continues to make.


The staff of ASC is ready to support expectant parents, birth parents, adoptive parents, and especially adoptees.

We are women who have a heart for people and their stories.


Whether you have just found out you are pregnant and have months to prepare, or if you are very close to delivering, we are ready to sit down and listen without judgement. It is never too late to have a phone or text conversation about your options for adoption. We believe that you should feel safe and respected in the adoption. The most important thing to know is that you, the expectant mother, are in control.


We encourage open relationships because children placed for adoption deserve to know all the parts of their story. They deserve to know where they come from. They deserve to feel comfortable asking questions and getting answers. Adoptees are shaped by the people who create them and the people who raise them.


We truly believe every adoptive family will be placed with the child they were meant to raise. We also believe that it’s not just our job to make sure that adoptive families will be good parents. It’s our job at ASC to make sure they will be great adoptive parents… which means honoring, respecting, and caring for their adoptee’s birth family.

The Adoption Support Center (ASC) is a safe, friendly place where epxectant moms  can open up about what is weighing on them. No matter where you are inyour pregnancy or if you have already delivered, we are always avaoible for a friendly conversation about your options. There are no judgments.

6331 North Carrollton Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (317) 255-5916

If you're an expectant mother looking for support, we are here to help. Call or text(317)-255-5916.