We are still open and offering all adoption services. We are answering questions and supporting our clients, all while staying safe. Whether you are expecting a baby or looking to grow your family, contact us today to talk with an adoption specialist about your specific needs: (317)-255-5916.

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Whether this is your first baby, second or even farther down the line, choosing to carry a pregnancy and parent a child takes courage, stamina, and lots of patience!

And the more help you have, the stronger and better parent you will be. Being a single parent is different than our grandmothers’ era. Women can be great single parents without the stigma that came with shame and judgment in earlier years. But it’s far from a walk in the park. It’s been said that more than 80% of single parents are moms. That puts a lot of you on the same team! It’s said that more than 40% of single mamas must rely on government assistance. While there is no shame in getting help, it takes more than government benefits to raise a child. It’s important that you start building your network sooner rather than later.


That’s just a couple of statistics. Those stats can give us a snapshot of the parenting life, but they don’t tell the real stories of the day-to-day single mom world. There are many people who will share their parenting stories with you. For a more structured kind of support, Embrace Grace is a fantastic resource.

The Adoption Support Center (ASC) is a safe, friendly place where expectant moms can open up about what is weighing on them. No matter where you are in your pregnancy or if you have already delivered, we are always available for a friendly conversation about your options. There are no judgments.

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