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Private adoption services and education

As you know, adoption isn’t as simple as just getting a home study and terminating the biological mom’s parental rights. Today it’s so much more, and adoptive parents and expectant parents deserve support, empowerment and honesty at every step of the adoption journey.

In an ethical private adoption, both parties deserve legal representation and support from an adoption-informed social worker. We understand that hiring a full-service adoption agency can be expensive — that’s why ASC is proud to offer budget-friendly, hourly support for your clients and the expectant mother considering placing her baby with them.
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Support for the expectant mom

Doing adoptions ethically means offering support and counseling for the expectant mom who’s considering your clients for an adoptive placement. As the legal representative, it can be time-consuming to set boundaries for all parties involved.

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about what expectant parents need to know before signing legal documents. ASC can mediate and advocate for both parties when it comes to living expenses, their long-term relationship and more.
Virtual coaching/consulting — $125/hr

Consultation and coaching for private adoption clients

Working on a private adoption can be a time-consuming process. Prospective adoptive parents need support that you don’t always have the time or expertise to offer. Let ASC take that work off your plate.

With 35+ years of coaching experience, we’ll help your clients feel truly heard as prospective adoptive parents. We offer cost-effective sessions to:
  • Address their questions and concerns
  • Educate them on modern adoption
  • Help them set boundaries within their open adoption
  • Help them develop long-term relationship plans with the child’s biological family
Virtual coaching/consulting — $125/hr

Home studies

ASC offers home studies with a modern approach. We help the adoptive family prepare for the type of adoption they’re planning on, including transracial and cultural education.

We offer two levels of home studies:
Home study — $1,850 (without education)
Home study — $2,000 (with education)
Representing a step parent adoption? The state of Indiana doesn’t require a full home study, but they do require a background check. We can make it quick and easy for your clients.
Step parent background check — $300

Agency sponsorship

Working with an expectant mom across state lines brings its own set of complications and issues. Along with the work your legal team is doing, agency sponsorship makes the process smooth.
Costs vary per state. Please email us for more information.