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ASC Partners

Adoption Support Center is proud to work with like-minded individuals and organizations in ethical adoption. Here are some of the partners who help us with our lifelong commitment to support the adoption triad.

Birth Mom Support

Ashley Mitchell

Ashley Mitchell is one of the nation’s leading birth mom advocates — and a birth mom herself. She’s an incredibly inspiring speaker, and is the founder of the Knee to Knee Program, which trains adoptive parents and professionals to better serve the women who have made the very difficult decision to place a child for adoption.

Ashley’s Knee to Knee program informs the structure of our monthly birth mom support groups, where birth moms from across Indiana can come together, share their experiences, and get the support they deserve.

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Transracial Adoption Support

ASC has partnered with two of the best educators in the field of transracial adoption! Angela Tucker and Amanda McKinstry are transracial adoptees who were adopted by white families. Each brings to the table their unique experiences, and all ASC adoptive families will receive at least one hour of education from either Angela or Amanda.

Angela Tucker

Angela Tucker is America’s most recognizable voice in transracial adoption, with a dedication to amplifying adoptee voices. She is an author, a podcaster, a film producer and the founder of the Adoptee Mentoring Society.

Angela has gained a reputation for being a national thought leader on the intersectional topics of race, class, and identity. She was adopted from foster care to a white family, and grew up in a city that was predominantly white. She has 15+ years of working in social welfare organizations, has consulted with NBC’s This Is Us, and supported the lead actor of Broadway musical Jagged Little Pill.

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Amanda McKinstry

Amanda McKinstry is an adult transracial adoptee, an educator, speaker and lifestyle coach. She uses her own personal experiences to educate white adoptive parents on transracial adoption, as well as lifestyle coaching to adult adoptees navigating their own journeys for healing and success.

As a Transracial Adoption educator, Amanda supplies families with essential information to encourage growth and provide a comfortable environment for their adopted children and support them in developing a healthy racial identity.

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Legal Support

Herrin & Leach

ASC partners with modern, ethical adoption attorneys in Indiana. We don’t just trust them to offer legal support and resources for both expectant moms and adoptive parents — we know them personally, and trust their 60+ years of adoption experience implicitly.

Over the years Herrin & Leach have assisted with more than 4,000 adoptions, and they’re our go-to for all things surrounding the legal side of adoption. When our expectant moms and adoptive families need legal counsel, we wholeheartedly recommend Herrin & Leach.

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