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Confidential private adoption

We know how important privacy is when you’re carrying an unintended pregnancy. A confidential private adoption with ASC gives you more control than any other option, and is very private.

What to consider before using a Safe Haven Baby Box

You might have heard about Safe Haven Baby Boxes. These are boxes on the outside of fire stations or healthcare buildings, where you can safely and anonymously surrender a baby. They do allow anonymity but there are a few things to think about before you use one.

When you surrender your baby to a Safe Haven Baby Box, your baby is temporarily placed with any foster family that DCS chooses until a permanent placement is secured for your infant. Those families aren’t always educated on raising a child of a different race, which may be important if you are Black, Latina or multiethnic.

It’s also hard to reunite with a child you placed in a Baby Box. Your anonymity and privacy is important right now, but someday you might want to see your child again or share medical information with them. It’s not as easy as calling DCS and asking them to find your child.

What is a confidential private adoption?

Confidential adoption is a very private way to surrender your baby while giving you control over where your baby goes. You’ll work with ASC and an adoption attorney to make sure your baby is placed with a family that meets the needs of their race.

ASC’s adoptive families have been educated on transracial adoption and on being the best adoptive parents possible. They will raise your child to know that you did what you felt was the safest thing you could do for your situation.

Confidential adoption gives you more options in the future, too. If you want to find out information, give information or even be connected with your child’s adoptive family, it’s much easier to do than if you had used a Baby Box.

How is a confidential private adoption done?

First, you can text us or give us a call for a confidential conversation. Or we can meet in private, if you’re comfortable with that. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, we’ll help you make a plan for when the baby arrives. You have control over your choices with a confidential private adoption.

Next, you can look at our featured families and choose one to adopt your baby. We can help you pick a family, or we can make the choice for you — whatever you’re most comfortable with.
Once your baby is born, arrangements will be made for an ASC team member to meet with you and pick up your baby, as well as anything you want to send along to your baby’s adoptive family. Your privacy is our utmost concern, so you have choices. We can: 

Meet at the hospital — ASC can join you in the hospital at discharge and make decisions there confidentially. ASC can make all of the arrangements so you can do as little interfacing as possible with hospital staff, if that’s what you’re comfortable with. 

Meet at your homeIf you choose to take your baby home, ASC can meet you there and make decisions confidentiality. 

Meet at another location — If you choose to take your baby home but there’s a place where you’re more comfortable meeting, we can work together to agree upon a confidential location to meet up.
Whatever option you choose, ASC will handle the legal aspects to make sure you are fully supported and comfortable with the plan.
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