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Embryo adoption gives donors and adoptive families more choice
Adoption is a unique and complex form of parenting. Whether you’re just doing some research or you’re ready to take the first step on your adoption journey, you’ll have full support from ASC for you and the child you’ll go on to parent.

Why choose embryo adoption?

If your infertility journey left you with one, two or even a surplus of embryos, donating through ASC gives YOU control over where and with whom your embryos end up. You can pick a family that’s been vetted by ASC, and choose the type of family you envision to raise your biological child. What’s even more exciting is that you can choose how much contact you want with this adoptive family and your child.

If you’re a family who isn’t ready to give up on experiencing pregnancy, embryo adoption lets you grow your family on your own terms. You’ll get support from ASC every step of the way, and so will your adoptee!

I have frozen embryos

Whether you’re working with a fertility clinic or this is the first step in your research, with ASC you have options for your frozen embryos. See if donating embryos to an adoptive family is right for you.

I want to adopt an embryo

You don’t have to give up on pregnancy! Here’s what adopting another family’s frozen embryos can look like for your family.

Embryo adoption FAQs

Embryo adoption is a lot like traditional adoption — it can be complicated! Here’s a list of FAQs to help you do your research.
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