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ASC’s Featured Families Looking to Adopt
ASC adoptive families have completed a thorough home study and are enthusiastically approved and ready to welcome a child into their lives.

A quick note on adoption

Before you choose adoption, we want you to have a full understanding of what adoption means to you and to your child. Adoption doesn’t necessarily mean a better life — it means a different one, and you have control over what that different life might look like.

We hope as you look through these profiles, you’re able to determine what’s important to you in choosing an adoptive family for your child. If you have any questions while you consider our featured families, we’re here to listen!
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What is a home study?

The home study process ensures that waiting adoptive families are ready to provide a healthy, stable, loving home to a child. The process includes but is not limited to:
  • Completing a physical with their physician
  • Substance Use Disorder screening
  • Assessing financial stability
  • Home safety check
  • Familial/social history
  • Comprehensive criminal background checks

How are ASC’s families educated on adoption?

Adoption is a unique, complex type of parenthood. That’s why ASC’s featured families have completed a curated, comprehensive educational program on becoming a parent through adoption.
Our adoptive parents receive education on:
  • The history of adoption in the United States
  • The importance of open adoption, including a spirit of openness
  • How to build a strong, lifelong relationship with their child’s biological family
  • Transracial adoption and how to honor and embrace their child’s unique heritage and culture
  • Recognizing the grief and loss involved in adoption, and how to create a space for healing
A significant portion of the education listed above is from the perspective of adult adoptees and birth parents — they are the true experts in adoption. We encourage adoptive families to read, listen and follow those who have walked this path before them, and encourage a commitment to ongoing, lifelong adoption education.