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Post-placement timeline

Congratulations, you’ve brought home a beautiful baby! Here’s what you can expect over the next several months. If you’d like to see the pre-placement timeline, you can view it here.

Tying up legal odds and ends

While you and baby acclimate to life together, the Adoption Support Center and your legal team will tend to the legal matters pertaining to any putative father that was not named or identified during the pregnancy.

You’ll know whether or not a father was named or unnamed prior to signing the petition for adoption. But no matter what transpired during pregnancy, your adoption attorney will check Indiana’s putative father registry just to confirm that no man has registered within the legal timeframe in Indiana. The timeframe for this is 30 days from birth.

During this time, you will be contacted by the coordinator. She will do a “Wrap Up” call with you to tie up those ends and make sure the communication with your child’s birth family is starting out smoothly.

Immunization, and meeting the post-placement team

Within the first two months of your baby’s life, your pediatrician will start the typical round of immunizations recommended by the CDC. These will protect your baby and help them develop immunity from potentially harmful diseases like Hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and more.

The adoption coordinator has officially handed you over to our post-placement team, who will send you an email introducing themselves and sharing their contact info. If you need support from here on out, these are your gals! Emailing is the quickest way to drop them a note, question, or concern.

Our post-placement team will reach out to your child’s birth mom. Our team will regularly offer her grief counseling, support groups and community-building opportunities. Some birth moms take us up on those services right away, and for others it takes months or even years for her to be ready to engage. But no matter what, those services are free to her forever.
Three months after your baby’s birth you have started to get back to work and into a good routine. This is a good time to have a support call or a personal visit at ASC, your choice. Some families love the idea of coming in and having a photo taken and celebrating. For others, a phone call or quick check in will do. Just know, we will meet you where you are, still offering our support as you adjust.

Our staff will help you be the best adoptive parent possible by supporting your child’s identity as an adoptee, and by laying the groundwork for a healthy relationship with your baby’s birth mom. In short, we’ll set you up to be a lifelong learner as you embrace this unique and complex type of parenthood.

Your in-home post-placement visit

Months after your baby’s birth, a member of ASC’s clinical team will come to your home for a post-placement visit. The purpose of this visit is to make sure that you’re adjusting to being new parents.

We’ll check on your baby’s sleeping space, and make sure they’re eating well and starting to recognize you as mom and dad. We’ll also document the immunizations your baby has gotten, and the pediatrician you’ve chosen.

If you’ve adopted transracially, we’ll have a bit more dialogue with you regarding your child’s library and toys. We’ll discuss the racial mirrors available to them in terms of the professionals you have chosen for their care, community and education.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and request any additional help or support with bonding, infertility grief or just overall adjustment to parenting through adoption.

The Decree of Adoption

Five months from your baby’s birth, it’s time to make things official in the eyes of the law. We’ll submit the required documentation to get a court date. Your adoption attorney will be with you for the hearing, and you’re welcome to invite your friends and family, too. It’s time to celebrate!

This is when you’ll gain legal custody of your baby. At this point your baby’s original birth certificate is sealed, and you’ll file for a new one along with a Social Security number.

Lifelong support

Six months after placement, there are no more mandatory meetings or check-ins with the Adoption Support Center. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be strangers! From here on out, our post-placement team is here to support you in any way you need us. We love getting pictures of your family and love to have you drop in to see us.

Just give us a call, and we can: