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Home Studies With Adoption Support Center

ASC is fully licensed by the state of Indiana to perform home studies for families looking to adopt a child. Even if you aren’t adopting through our agency, we can perform Indiana’s mandatory home study and educate you on becoming an adoptive parent along the way.
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Types of home studies ASC performs

  • Domestic Infant 
  •  Kinship /Guardianship 
  • Step Parent 
  • Embryo 
  • Background Check Clearances Only (available only if the court waives a full home study)

What is a home study?

A home study is a comprehensive assessment of a prospective adoptive family. The state of Indiana has specific requirements that must be included in this report. These include but not limited to:
  • Physical health reports
  • Financial stability statements
  • Extensive back ground checks
  • Familiar social history
  • Community resource list
  • Parenting philosophy
  • Home safety inspection
  • The family’s understanding of adoption

Why do we need a home study?

The state of Indiana mandates all adoption applicants to have a home study done by a licensed child placing agency. Each adoption agency must follow the requirements of the state.

In addition to these requirements, ASC has additional steps to ensure the safety and well-being of the child placed. Trust us-these extra steps will make you better prepared to be the best adoptive parents possible.

What can we expect?

Honestly? Lots of paperwork! We need loads of information about the health and stability of your family. Hang in there! While we are working to complete your thorough home study, this part of the process allows us to get to know you better and provide personal support.

You can also expect curated, comprehensive education from ASC’s team of adoption pros. We have a real passion for education, and we will do everything we can to make you feel more informed, more confident about stepping into your new role as an adoptive parent.

Why all the education?

We know you’re going to be great parents. The goal of the support and education we provide is to make you the best adoptive parents possible—and there is a difference! Adoption is a unique form of parenthood. It takes additional knowledge and understanding to best support your adoptee from the start.

We’ll be the first to admit that ASC has not always gotten things right—-nor has any adoption agency. After years of supporting all three members of the adoption triad, (the birth family, the adopted parents and the adoptee), we’ve learned from our mistakes. We have a responsibility to offer more comprehensive education for the health and well-being of the adopted child.

When we know better at ASC, we do better!

Why choose Adoption Support Center?

As you explore different providers for your homes study needs, you’ll likely find varying cost, timeframes, education requirements. With both a connection to the past and to the future, ASC is committed to providing quality, comprehensive home study services.

We have been serving adoptive parents in this manner for four decades! That’s a lot of time to learn what works and what doesn’t. As professionals, we’re committed to continued learning and growth and are connected to the broader adoption community. We listen to the voices of adult adoptees and birth parents, even when what they share may be difficult to hear. We learn from them how to do this work better.

When you choose ASC as your home study provider, you are choosing a professional committed to modern, ethical, child-centered adoption. To us, it’s not just a home study, a box to check. It’s the foundation for the rest of your journey as a parent through adoption. We want to set you up for success!
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