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Frequently Asked Questions From Expectant Moms and Birth Moms

If you have questions about adoption, you’re not alone. Here are some of the most common questions we get from expectant moms and birth moms.

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Why would I consider adoption?

For whatever reason, right now you may not be ready to parent. You may want a two-parent home or more stability for your child. It may be the time to do something different.

What if I’ve already delivered?

It’s not too late! ASC offers you the support you need to choose an ethical adoption. We can help you choose an adoptive family for your baby, and get lifelong support from our team of compassionate women.

Do I have to take my baby home from the hospital?

No. In an ethical adoption, there’s no right or wrong way to place your child. You can choose an adoptive family ahead of time, and your baby can go home with them. Or you can take your baby home and choose to place them later.

What is an open adoption? What about a closed adoption?

You might hear the terms “open” or “closed” to refer to adoptions. These are outdated terms that refer to an adoption where there is contact between the birth mom, their child and the adoptive family (open) and an adoption where there is no contact (closed).

Adoptions today aren’t a choice between full contact and zero contact. Many women choose to have some level of contact with their child and the adoptive family, whether it’s text messages, sharing photos or visiting in person. Some women choose all of these options, some women choose a few of them, and some women choose none of them.

Can I stay in contact with my baby’s adoptive family after the adoption?

Yes. In a modern adoption, staying in contact comes in many forms. You might agree upon text messages, sharing photos and emails. You might choose to visit them every year or every couple of months.

If you want contact with your child and their adoptive family, let us know before placement. We’ll help you and the prospective adoptive family lay the groundwork for your relationship.

If I choose to have no contact now, can I change my mind later?

If you’re still pregnant and have questions about how much contact you’d like, now is the time to let us know! Please email us at, or let your ASC coordinator know.

If you’ve already placed your child for adoption with us, it’s not always as easy as just changing your mind. We’ll support you post-placement in any way we can. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and it may be possible to reconnect if your child’s adoptive family is given the proper education and support.


Can I get living assistance?

Yes. The state of Indiana allows for $4,000 of assistance with housing, living expenses, food, utilities and maternity clothes.

Who pays my medical bills?

If you choose adoption and don’t have Medicaid or insurance, medical bills for you and the baby are paid by the adoptive family.

If you choose to parent, your first parental responsibility would be to set up a plan to pay the medical bill. You may have the option to apply for Medicaid, which would cover the medical bills for you and your baby.


How committed am I to the Adoption Support Center for adoption?

ASC is a modern, ethical adoption agency. It’s our goal to be open and transparent with you as you consider adoption and your other options. There’s no contract, no obligation and no pressure.

If we can’t meet your needs, or if you decide adoption is no longer the best choice for you, that’s okay! Even if you’ve been working with ASC or have met a prospective adoptive family, it doesn’t commit you to an adoption. We only ask you to be honest about your feelings and your needs.

If at any time you start to reconsider your option of parenting, please let us know! We’re always happy to talk through your options and help you make the right decision for you and your baby.

What if I change my mind?

It’s natural to go back and forth between wanting to parent a child and considering adoption. You can change your mind at any time during your pregnancy or after birth — as long as you haven’t signed the adoption papers. Once you sign legal adoption papers, it’s not as easy as just changing your mind.

When do I sign the papers?

In ethical adoption, it’s up to you when you’re most comfortable and ready to sign the adoption consents. This is a personal decision and you can customize it to fit your preferences.

Some women choose to sign adoption consents at the hospital. Many hospital policies state that you must wait at least 24-48 hours after delivering your baby.

Do I need to get my own attorney?

We strongly encourage you to do so. The first step of an ethical adoption plan is to make sure that the expectant mom is represented. You’re entitled to it, and it comes at no cost to you. If you change your mind and decide to parent your baby, you’re not obligated to pay back any of the legal fees that were incurred in your adoption planning stage.


Can I remain anonymous?

The short answer is no, you can be confidential.

We respect your privacy and the decision to remain confidential, but the adoption document must have your legal name and be filed with the court. You don’t have to share that information with ASC if you don’t want to, but you must share your legal name and date of birth with your attorney.

The good news is that this document is not public. Your file can be private and your identifying information will not be shared with the adoptive parents of your child if you file this form.

If you’re choosing to remain private, you might not have the support you need as you consider your options. You can trust in an ASC coordinator to help you process your thoughts, feelings and fears. All of our conversations are confidential, and we’re here to help!

If I’m under 18, do I need my parents’ permission?

The answer is no. You can still place your child for adoption if you’re under 18. Your parents do not have to sign a consent, and there are no grandparent rights in the state of Indiana.

That being said, having your family’s support can really help. We can support you if you decide to tell your family about your choice to place your child for adoption.

Do I have to name the father of my baby?

The short answer, legally, is no. Though, there are things to consider:
  • Are you legally married?
  • Does the father financially support this child?
  • If the baby is already born, is the father’s name on the birth certificate?
These questions and more may make a difference. We know this is a delicate situation, and ASC is here to walk you through every consideration regarding your child’s birth father. We’ve got your back!


Can I choose the prospective adoptive family that will adopt my baby?

Absolutely! We’ll ask you what type of family you have in mind, and present you families that match your wishes. You can even look at our featured families right here.

What kind of families are available?

We have stable, home-study approved Indiana families excited to adopt. You can choose a family with or without kids, who belong to a particular religion or lifestyle, and more. You can take a peek at our featured families right here.

Can ASC choose the family for me?

Yes. We can choose a family for you whether you like to provide us with parameters or not.

What if I know someone that wants to adopt my baby?

This is a unique situation that we can guide you through. Most prospective adoptive families aren’t aware of the ethical or legal requirements for adoption. And in our experience, private attorneys who represent them don’t offer the same support to you that you’ll get with ASC.

Can the family who wants to adopt my baby work with ASC?

Yes! Have the family contact us at or 317-255-5916 for our services. And know that as a birth mom, you’ll still get our full support after placement. We look forward to meeting you!