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Pregnant? Anonymous surrender is an option.

If it’s time to give birth to your baby or you’ve already given birth, you have options beyond adoption. Indiana has what’s called a Safe Haven Law that lets moms surrender their baby in a safe place, no questions asked.

If you’d like to anonymously surrender your baby, all you have to do is find a Safe Haven Baby Box near you. Baby Boxes are built into the side of a fire station or hospital, where you can place your baby inside a temperature-controlled, padded bassinet. You’ll open the box, place your baby inside, and a medical professional will take things from there.
“My baby deserved the world, and this is how I could give it to her. There were no cameras or anyone I had to justify my decision to. I didn’t want them talking me out of a decision that took me so long to make.”
— Anonymous Birth Mom

What happens when I use a Baby Box?

Baby Boxes are a simple way to surrender your baby. No shame, no blame, no names.
  • It’s legal. Thanks to Indiana’s Safe Haven Law, you can’t be prosecuted for surrendering your baby in a Baby Box. It’s completely legal.
  • It’s safe. Your baby will immediately be tended to by a medical professional, so they’re safe and sound from the moment the box shuts.
  • It’s anonymous. There’s no paperwork or anything else that would identify you when you use a Baby Box. You don’t even need to talk to anyone to use the Baby Box.
  • It’s free. You don’t have to pay anything to use a Baby Box. There are absolutely no costs, fees or bills to worry about.

What will my baby’s experience be like?

Baby Boxes are a safe alternative when you want to remain anonymous.

  • The door locks for your baby’s safety. You can leave immediately, knowing that they’ll be safe inside the box.
  • A silent alarm will activate, so a medical professional inside will know that there’s a baby who needs attention. If there’s nobody inside, the alarm will call someone to be dispatched to the box.
  • Your baby will be taken to the emergency room to make sure they’re in good health.
  • Your baby will be placed in foster care through the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS). Eventually your baby may be permanently adopted by a family approved by DCS.

Where can I anonymously surrender my baby?

There are more than 60 Baby Boxes across Indiana where you can anonymously surrender your baby.

If you’d like to leave non-identifying information about your health so that your child can know about their medical background, you can fill out this form.

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