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Baby Box Alternative

Can I do an adoption and stay anonymous? Or should I use the Baby Box? 

What happens to my baby if I use a Safe Haven Box? Most do not realize what happens when the box closes and locks. The woman who gives birth can walk away and know her baby is safe, and her baby will be attended to within minutes from the drop. The baby is assessed and then released to the Department of Family and Children (DCS). 

The woman who placed the baby in the Safe Haven Box has 30 days to “change her mind” and come forward to get her baby back. During these first 30 days of life the baby is in temporary foster placement. After 30 days the baby is moved to a permanent home and placed for adoption in a family that is approved by the state. There is zero information for the adoptive family and adoptee short or long term. This practice has worked to decrease the number of infant deaths due to abandonment in unsafe areas

ASC has a program where expectant moms can stay anonymous, and your decision will be private.

You can decide to deliver where you feel comfortable. You can give as little information as you feel comfortable giving. The difference between using the Safe Haven Box and choosing ASC to support and guide you, is that if the time ever arrives where you do want to have information about your baby or give information about yourself, we will be here. No judgement, no questions! You can walk away and be confident that your child will know that you chose a safe, permanent placement. Your baby will be raised by an adoptive family that believes in child centered adoption. This means that your child will know they were born from another woman. They will know everything that you provided for their story. You will also have the choice for us to reach out to you privately if your child ever would like to reconnect and if that is not a possibility you can know your child will be in a financially stable, emotionally, and healthy adoptive family. You can pick them, or you can let ASC choose for you.  

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