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I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant!

Everyone always wonders, “how does a woman not know she is pregnant”? I believe the human body is so great at helping the denial of instances we don’t want to face. For example, the most recent woman that called had every reason to “not know” she was carrying a baby girl until she was ready to push. She has a long family history of early menopause symptoms. So being over 35 and stressed out, this woman’s pregnancy symptoms of mood swings and irritability mimicked menopause, and this made sense to her! 


For most women, this unintended pregnancy settles in, and they chose to parent their baby and find much joy and blessing in the surprise. For others, this just does not fit. The bad timing, the wrong father, the loneliness of parenting as a single mom already is consuming. It is crazy to watch a woman go from finding out they are pregnant and then considering adoption all within the same 24 hours. One might say wow, that is a lot to take on in a short amount of time. Can a woman really feel confident in an adoption decision when it is all happening so fast? This is when a modern, ethical agency must be in the middle. There are many things to consider! Has she verbalized with her support people what has transpired? Is she open to communicating with her kids at home regarding their new sister and including them in the openness plan?  


Women who chose adoption no matter when they find out about the baby, are making a decision that will forever affect them and lives of others. If a woman finds herself in this situation and does not want to share anything-and wants to remain confidential has the option of a safe surrender with Safe Haven. Or she can contact a modern, ethical adoption agency to be able to stay connected with her biological child and choose when to have contact.