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Adoption Unfiltered Podcast

Hosts Sara Easterly (adoptee), Kelsey Vander Vliet Ranyard (birth parent), and Lori Holden (adoptive parent) discuss sensitive and timely issues through the lens of our lived experiences of adoption, and … more »

The Sixteenth Year

It was the year that changed everything. When a pregnancy test turns up positive, Leah has some tough decisions to make. At just sixteen, what will she do? Wrestling with … more »

Those Three Words

When Christine Bauer heard those three words ”you are pregnant” at the tender age of 18, she was devastated. She was not ready to be a mother, and she had … more »

God and Jet Fire

God and Jetfire is a mother’s account of her decision to surrender her son in an open adoption and of their relationship over the twelve years that follow. Facing an unplanned … more »


A birth mother, of over two decades, sharing truth and perspective, after coming out of the haze