Book Review—Girls in Trouble by Caroline Leavitt

So much is written about adoption, but little of it is non-fiction. And the fictional books about adoption tend to be romanticized orphan tales—think Anne of Green Gables. This is unfortunate, because often times a good story is easier to remember than absorb than merely facts. The novel Girls in Trouble steps into the gap … more »

“You’re Active!”

When we finally read these words in an e-mail we knew that everything was becoming very real. We had been waiting months to get to this day. The countless hours of paperwork to go along with all the appointments and numerous ASC meetings had all led up to this point. We felt like activation day … more »

Is It Too Late?

“I was terrified and humiliated.  I was lost and couldn’t even muster up the courage to call anyone and ask a question about placing my baby for adoption.” Amanda here. I wanted to share Casey’s story, because she is my definition of a strong, brave woman. She is the reason I do the job I … more »

When we look at Isaiah, we know.

I remember the day I received that call from Leah.  At the time, 3 potential expectant moms had chosen us as their first pick.  Leah scrolled through their names…one women was due in July…one in September…and then the last women… December.  At that moment, I remember thinking… it’s going to be December.  Sure enough, the first two brave … more »

Ryan & Megan’s Pre and Post Adoption Refection…

“What a whirlwind last year was at this time…. our basement had water from the massive amount of rain and we were dealing with all the emotions/feelings/thoughts as we knew our Birthmom was close to her due date. If you’ve ever been through an adoption, you understand the uncertainty of it all. I remember clearly … more »

It’s February

A month known to celebrate love, women’s heart health, chocolate, canned food, pies, dental health, and spay and neuter awareness. In fact, one website, Holiday Insights, lists twelve special awareness campaigns celebrated in this one short month. ( Probably the most important on this list is the official designation of Black History Month. February gives us the … more »

Love Makes the World Go Around…

(and how to help keep it spinning)  Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching! Have you bought a card for your sweetie? Found a babysitter and made your dinner reservations yet? Bought the roses and candy? Remembered to send your child’s birth mom a card and warm greetings? (Hey, this is an adoption related blog! Of course, … more »

All You Need Is… Empathy?

(Also known as Empathy Makes the World Go ‘Round?) Why is it that there are no great songs written about empathy? Love may make you go weak in the knees, but empathy builds connections and helps you through the rough spots. Empathy is the ability to relate to another person in the midst of their … more »

Roots and Wings

There is a frequently quoted inspirational saying which asserts the two greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings. This has been interpreted to mean as parents we provide the foundation for our children so that they can develop into their own personalities and be able to chase their own dreams. When … more »