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Is It Too Late?

“I was terrified and humiliated.  I was lost and couldn’t even muster up the courage to call anyone and ask a question about placing my baby for adoption.”

Amanda here. I wanted to share Casey’s story, because she is my definition of a strong, brave woman. She is the reason I do the job I do, and why I am passionate about adoption. 

Casey goes on to say, “I wanted to know if it was too late to make a plan for adoption. I saw an ad for the Adoption Support Center. I didn’t realize it was an adoption agency. I just thought I could text and ask a few questions.  I was so embarrassed to be 39 weeks pregnant. I gave my boyfriend way too long to prove that he was going to step up.  The contractions had started and I was in a panic. 

I actually started texting Amanda from the labor room. She made me feel confident that I could say what I needed to say. I realized I needed that adoption agency and I needed them to take care of everything. Amanda helped me realize that this was my baby and I could do this for him!”

 After Casey delivered her son, I had the opportunity to meet her and her son at the hospital. I had the joy of putting my arms around her and validating her thoughts and fears. Casey told me she wanted to continue making an adoption plan, and she narrowed her choice to two potential families from profiles I had brought to show her.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by emotion.

I knew those families on those profiles. I knew how much they wanted to become parents through adoption. I knew the elation that would be coming when I made the call that would change their lives forever.

Yet I also knew as I watched that strong young woman cradling her son while reading those profiles that unspeakable sadness would be coming too. As I watched her tears fall onto the little pink and blue hat, I gave her every opportunity to say “I can’t do this. I’m taking my son home.” 

Then the miracle happened.

The miracle that I have been privileged to see hundreds of time. Through the tears, the mamma uber strength kicked in, and Casey made her choice. Choosing her favorite of the two families, she said, “I know this is right for my baby. Please call them. I want to meet them, and I want them to get to know their son.”

I stepped out into the hall to make the joy-filled call. “I am at the hospital,” I said. “A brave woman has delivered a baby and chosen you to adopt him. Come on over to the hospital to meet your son and his extraordinary birth mama.”

This is the miracle of adoption.

Not every adoption story starts in the hospital, like Casey’s does. Some start months before. Some start in the months after delivery.

But every single adoption story begins with a woman knowing she wants to give her child more than she can at that time. Every single adoption story is a story of strength and sacrifice. The privilege of being a part of an adoption story stays with me. 

So here is to the Caseys of the world. May their strength and courage continue to burn bright.  

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