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Reasons to Consider Adoption

There are many personal reasons why a woman would choose not to parent her baby.  None of them better or worse than another. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you are considering adoption for your baby, you are not alone. Adoption has changed, pivoted, and began to be about the most important person in the triad-the adoptee.

Research shows the children that grow up knowing their story and how they came to be in their adoptive family from day one have less identity struggles than children who were told later when they were “older.”  No matter your reason(s) for considering adoption, know it is most important to have support and representation for your choices. 

One of the most common reasons for considering adoption is having little to no support and feeling ALONE.

Women who are not in partnership with the father of the child are more likely to consider the option of adoption. Being a single parent is one of the hardest jobs. When there is no one to share in the emotionally and financially supporting a child, it can be too heavy of a load on one person.  

Another common reason for considering adoption is that you may already be a single parent. 

Your children have begun to be more independent and even in school. You may finally be able to take a deep breath and start your career and even a social life back up again. The timing of this pregnancy could affect your goals and dreams.  

If you suffer from general to severe mental illness is another reason you may consider adoption.

The stress and demands of parenting can be too much to cope with daily. This is extremely hard to admit and what may appear to be easy for one mother may be too much for another to endure. So the saying, “women have been doing this from the beginning, you can too” can be hurtful to someone suffering in silence.  

No one needs to approve your reasons for considering adoption. If it is what you believe is best, reach out to a reputable agency that will not judge you or pressure you no matter what you chose.  

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