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Roe vs. Wade overturned…

As a staff, we’ve been taking the time to process and have conversation about the overturning of Roe vs Wade. In our conversations, Amanda shared with us when she first learned about Roe.

“I was born just 5 years after Roe vs Wade, my entire young life I assumed Roe was a woman that WANTED an abortion. In my mind she had class and an education and was going to climb the corporate ladder. I pictured her in her late 20’s early 30’s and a woman that didn’t want to get married and did not NEED to either. The birth control pill was new, and I assumed she had that, and it failed, because she was a responsible young woman, right? I imagined her knowing and being confident that this abortion is what would get her to her goals. I imagined the father of the baby around, but never really having an opinion, (all an assumption on my part).  

 I remember when I could not unhear the real story of Roe. I remember specifically where I was. I was giving a speech at a Christian organization in northeast Indiana. I was speaking on adoption trends and how to support a woman considering adoption. I was in my late 20’s and had given birth to one child by now. I was not naïve, but still very impressionable. After the speech, someone came up to me and said, “I wish more women would choose adoption instead of abortion”, she went on “you know Roe gave her baby up for adoption and did not have an abortion?” What? I said, you need to tell me more, and she took me into her office. She then shed light on the truth behind Roe’s story. 

I wonder how many other young girls and women were just like me with my assumptions and never being told about who Roe really was. After my 25 years working with women and children, countless of them who chose abortions as they felt they had no other way out. Way out of what? The burden, the stress, the hunger, the isolation, the hopelessness, the shame of an unintended pregnancy.”  

Adoption Support Center has always advocated for women to feel seen and heard and to be their true selves. We believe they should feel in control of their bodies and their decisions. In the end its never mattered if they chose adoption or not, we support them still in whatever capacity they’ve allowed us to. That is ASC to the core. We want all women to: Be Confident, Be in Control, Be You. As an all female staff, we want those that are scared for what’s to come to know that we see you and we are here for you. We believe that every woman should have reproductive health care and justice and choice. This also becomes a gender, racial and economic issue with consequences that fall hardest on Black women who already face severe maternal mortality crisis. 

With all the uncertainties right now, Adoption Support Center will continue to empower women and support them in where they stand in that very moment in their lives. And be an advocate for them as they navigate their own unique circumstances and all of their choices, so they feel confident to choose the best path for them.

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