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The Wait

I don’t know about you but I am so tired of the saying, everything is different, or the new normal or post pandemic… you get my point. 

Adoption is no different than any other industry. 

Many adoption agencies across the United States are all feeling the same strain, many more prospective adoptive families and less women considering adoption. So, the wait is where we are. 

As one of the few licensed infant adoption agencies left specializing in all things infant adoption, we feel this burden daily. Prospective adoptive parents are struggling

A woman called just a few hours ago, ok she DM’ed. No one calls anymore! Her baby is due in 8 days, and she just got the strength to contact an agency to start talking adoption. She said that she is coming to the end and needs to find a family to take her baby home from the hospital. When pregnant, there is an end to the waiting, one gets a due date. When one is adopting it is as if there is NO END IN SIGHT when it comes to the WAIT 

 What I find helpful as I wait for something to happen or to come into my life is to remember that today is all I can control. What joy can come from the day? Today it was being able to share with an adoptee that we made contact with her biological/birth/first mom. It had been 23 years since she was placed for adoption, and this adoptee stated, “I have been waiting my entire life to get these answers”! 

For each prospective adoptive family waiting, know that there are many waiting alongside of you.

We may not be wishing for the same thing; we are just all waiting for something to happen that means the world to each one of us. So please be kind to everyone around you, as every person has a story and quite possibly many of them are in the wait right alongside you and struggling through it.   

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