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The Story of My Open Adoption

Two families, open to love—exploring and explaining adoption at birth Leap into a warm-hearted tale about a little squirrel who was adopted at birth! Join Sammy as Mom and Dad … more »

Frankie and Friends Talk Adoption

Frankie and Friends will help the youngest of adopted children and their parents navigate through the feelings often experienced but difficult to articulate. The narrator is Frankie, a lovable character … more »

Surrounded by Love

Written by an adoptee. This modern take on the “where did you come from” adoption book celebrates open adoption. Through words and illustrations, the characters express the immense amount of love … more »

Adoption Is Both

Author Elena S Hall, of Through Adopted Eyes and Through Adopted Hearts, addresses younger adoptees and their families in this children’s book. May this provide yourself and your family with a guide to … more »